Play Bingo on Online Casino

Bingo is an age old game invented way back in 1929. This has over the years become very popular among people as this game is something that is played as an entertainment amongst gathering of people. In this game, the players are given a bingo card with five by five grid with numbers on the cells. The host then draws out random numbered tiles and calls it out. Any player with that number has to strike it out of their card. The first person to strike out all the numbers in a row is considered to have a bingo. You win a jackpot if all the numbers on your card is struck out. There are several variations to the rules and bingo over the years have evolved and is now available on online casinos such as Maxbet online.

Guide to Bingo for Betting

  • On an online casino Bingo what matters is not only who can strike out a row of numbers first. However, the betting depends on how many numbered balls were needed to be drawn out before a player could strike out an entire row, also known as a ‘Blackout’.
  • The lesser numbers drawn out to hit a Blackout helps the player win more money.
  • At the start of the game, the player has to begin by choosing the number of bingo cards they want to bet one. The minimum number of cards they can choose is two. On the other hand, the maximum number of cards that they can choose is six.
  • Next step for the player that needs to be done is choose the amount they want to bet on the cards. They can specify amount to bet on each card that they are playing. There are buttons available saying BET UP/ DOWN. The player needs to click the relevant button till they reach the desirable amount.
  • Once the player has decided and directed on how many cards they want to play and has zeroed in on an amount they want to bet, the player can click on PLAY button to start the game.
  • Once the game begins Maxbet online generates 20 random numbers. The numbers that match on the cards turn into a different color.
  • Once the game is over, the START button turns into CLEAR button. If the player wants to play again they can do by clicking that button.

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