Top Reasons Why You Should Play Poker Online

Many players are still trying to decide whether to play online or not. In the points listed below, we will take you through the primary reasons why you need to play over the Internet.

Game selection:

Even with a real casino room that may be right down the street, you will be limited with the games you can play. With limited game selections comes limited options to make money. There will be times wherein you will have to choose between profitable games and not having to play at all.

Online, with sites like Situs Judi Online, you can have an endless variety of games to choose from. You can even search until you find a good game; this should be the ultimate goal if you’re a serious poker player. Game selection is excellent because you possess the ability to move around within the site, at the touch of a few fingers, looking for a good game. Sadly, most players don’t take advantage of this benefit, that is, they’re content to play the same game every time they log in.

Situs Judi Online

Lower Rake:

The rake in online casinos is somewhat less as compared to an actual casino. The standard casino poker room stake these days tends to be about 10% of the pot with a $4 or $5  maximum per hand. Nine rooms are usually 5% with a three-dollar maximum or something that is more or less in the low stake rooms. In the micro-stakes’ rooms with betting limits of $10 per bet or less.

If a player pays little attention to the rake, it can be devastating. Online rooms with minimal overhead, not having to hire dealers, renting of ample space, buy in tables and the likes can afford to charge you less. However, this does not translate into them making less money per hour. It’s the opposite. The game is much faster, even the lower rake, they make quite the pay per hour because of all the added hands per hour that are ranked. The net result shows that you’re playing against identical players as you would in a live game, your winning rate should go up since the rake will be a low percentage of your winnings.


The internet is all around you, through computers and mobile phones; and funding is simple, it’s just a matter of transferring money to your account. There is no need to drive, find a parking spot, take public transportation, or walk. You don’t have to wait in line for a game, and you will always see an open competition. You don’t have to stress over carrying large amounts of cash to or from the casino or getting gas for your car. Grab a chair, sit in front of your preferred medium with a stable internet connection and start the game.

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