What are dominoes?

Dominoes are a form of gambling. It is popular since in the old days in the traditional land-based casinos. Since then, there are many games that can be played using the domino tiles. Throughout the different countries in different parts of the world, many new variants of this game have invented and become popularized. But before playing this game or knowing the various games, it is important to know the different terms in playing this game. These are just some of the most terms in domino, namely:

  • Domino
    • It is called as “tile”. It is one of the rectangular-shaped pieces that are used in the game.
    • Once a player in the game has already played the last tile, therefore, win the game, and this is called “go out”.
  • Shuffle
    • Before the game starts, the first play of the game is to shuffle the dominoes. When shuffling it, make sure that the dominoes are face down. This is not to reveal the faces when it is shuffling. In shuffling, it may be shuffled by the player who won the last game.

Domino Qiu Qiu

  • Hand
    • It refers to the round of play of each player.
    • It is played between shuffles of the dominoes.
  • Go out
    • It is when a player is the first to play the last domino. It also indicates that the player is the winner of the round of the game.
  • Bid
    • In dominoes, players will place their bid before the game begins. A bid is a number the player anticipates or expects he can make.
  • Bidder
    • When a player wins the bid, it earns him the opportunity of making the first play of the round.
  • Blocking games
    • The games wherein scoring is done at the end of each round of play.
    • Each play aims to block the other players or opponents to be the first players to play all the tiles at hand.
  • Round games
    • It is for a large number of people, also called “party games”.
    • It is wherein the players play for themselves.
  • Scoring games
    • It is the kind of game wherein scoring was made during the round of play.

These are just some of the terminologies that each player or new player of dominoes should know. It will serve as a guide when playing this game through land-based casinos or online. Nowadays that online is so popular, customer support is available for inquiries and questions anytime, like Domino Qiu Qiu. This is one of the most significant factors why online gambling is continuing to increase in popularity.

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